What is Real?

When the Velveteen Rabbit asked “What is Real?” he was told that in essence, “Real is something that happens to you… by the time you are real, your hair has been loved off, your eyes drop out, you get loose in the joints and very shabby” Well, that is how life loves us. And, it doesn’t matter how shabby we become because once we are real we can’t be ugly to anyone, except those who don’t understand us. And…the world will never understand us. Over time I found that losing my hair, losing my eyes, loosening in my joints and being shabby has helped me to become the very person I am today. As I went through the dark times in my life, I found I grew closer and closer to God. I became more and more of who He created me to be. And now? I am lovely! I love the person God has turned me into. I love that because of the path I have walked, I can understand the pain and loneliness that my clients endure. I can love them along their journey. I can help them plan their next turn. I can assist them on their path to transition…to becoming “Real”.

Once you are “Real”, you don’t start to grow your hair back, or re-attach your eyes, stabilize your joints or tidy up your fur… No, you use this path to become who God created you to be. You let Him recreate you. He takes the real you and uses you right where you’re at. All broken and messy. It is in your brokenness that God does His best work! If you let Him, He will shine through the cracks of your broken life. He will mend you from the inside out.

I have learned that God does not waste anything we go through. Author of “Fallen”, Annie Lobert , lived a life of prostitution and was caught in the clutches of the sex slavery industry for 16 years. In her total brokenness and devastation, God reached into her shabby life and created a work of beauty. Out of her pain, she created a ministry…Hookers for Jesus. God used her, right where she was. He began to mend her from the inside out, and she reached out to touch women that others only shamed. So, whether you’ve been worn out by the world, discarded and spit upon, or you simply have given up, you can take the path that you find yourself on, and let God use it to recreate you. So, be “real”…embrace your journey, expect miracles and let God will use it for something spectacular. He will use your pain to turn you into the beautiful creature you were intended to be!